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Birch Book vol 3:

"A HAnd Full of Days"

Standard Letterpress Edition



ee album covver

In Gowan Ring - Exists and Entrances Collected Vols. 2 CD

A single flower
Bedlam boys
Way to blue
On the setting sun
Rosehip november
igr box

IN GOWAN RING - Exists & Entrances Box
2xcd + dvdr wooden box lim. >100< / Ahnstern

the limited boxset edition of Exists & Entrances includes the 2CD, a exclusive t-shirt and a DVDR. the box is made from birchwood and bears a branding-print on the front. the DVDR contains the Birch Book live show in Portland, november 19th 2006 and 2 videoclips from Francesco Paladino. shirts are available in S - M - L - XL
please tell us your shirt-colour and size with your order!

time is a spiral

In Gowan Ring Time Is A Spiral #01
VPRO Radio Session 2003

(10”/TIME IS A SPIRAL) On a brand new Clear Spot owned label, the first release in an unbelievable series of 10”es, featuring some of the most legendary sessions recorded by Berry Kamer for the internationally highly rated VPRO radio show ‘Dwars’. In Gowan Ring visited the VPRO studios in June, 2003 and the result was this otherworldly collection of folk songs, with gorgeous medieval elements, friendly pastoral atmospheres and the vibe of the late psychedelic era. A breathtaking first title of what’s bound to become a historic series of vinyl releases.




Birch Book - 'Fortune & Folly' (VOL II, 2006)
Information about Special Editions HERE

Standard Letterpress Edition

Gold Leaf Edition (ltd. 88)
***SOLD OUT***

Alder Ring Edition (ltd. 37)
***SOLD OUT***

1. Birch Sap
2. New Song
3. Whisper in the Pine
4. Young Souls
5. New Joy
6. Diaspora
7. Wandering Boy
8. Zephyr through the Willows
9. The Trip Goes On
11. The Carnival is Empty
12. Birch Sap



Birch Book - S/T (VOL I, 2005)


1. Birch Bark
2. How the Hours...
3. Five Hundred Keys
4. Easy to Live
5. Coffee Morning
6. Eglantine
7. Train to Rome
8. Leaf Patches on Sidewalks (mp3)
9. Sleepless Search (mp3)
10. Warm Wind and Rain
11. Windows
12. Birch Bark
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Birch Book - 'Tangles of the Vine'
VPRO Radio Session 2005
Download Only Ablum - Price: 5.00
Available exclusivly from
Woven Wheat Whispers

Sorry, Currently Unavailable

1) Christina's Song
2) New Song
3) Song of the Nightingale
4) The Wandering Boy
5) Aurora
6) Train to Rome
7) Warm Wind and Rain
8) Young Souls
9) New Joy

Hazel Steps through a Weathered Home (2002) CD

Digital Dowload available through

Hazel Steps info & lyrics Page here

Orb Weavers :
Hazel Steps [mp3] :
The Seer and the Seen :
Kingdom of the Shades :
Morning's Waking Dream :
A Poet's Lyre [mp3]
Wind that Cracks the Leaves :
Two Towers.

The Glinting Spade (1999) CD
CD out of Stock
Digital Dowload available through

To Thrum a Glassy Stem [mp3]

Cipher's String [mp3]


In Gowan Ring -'THE TWIN TREES' REMASTERED (1997/2006)
The Second Album from In Gowan Ring Rereleased by Shayo in 2006.


Sold Out

1 Rivertime Tome
2 One Silver Ring
3 The Twin Trees (mp3)
4 Stone Song III
5 Lady Beyond The River
6 Moss Strand & Waterspathe (mp3)
7 Cupped Hands Spell
8 Our Rainbowed Paradox
bonus Track: Still Water Bonne

Compilations & Collaboration:    
fool tshirt
BIRCH BOOK 'Travelling Fool' Icon T-shirt
Green on Tawny White

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In Gowan Ring - Compendium download 1994 - 2002
<:> Printable Cover/Songlist Here

  128kbps 32kbps
{from 'Hazel Steps through a Weathered Home'}    
          1) Hazel Steps Download Stream
          2) Poet's Lyre Download Stream
{from 'Glinting Spade'}    
          3) To Thrum a Glassy Stem Download Stream
          4) Cipher's String Download Stream
{from 'TwinTrees'}    
          5) Twin Trees Download Stream
          6) By Moss Strand & Waterspathe Download Stream
{from 'Love Charms'}    
          7) A Swan Song Download Stream
          8) Dandelion Wine Download Stream

Stream the entire album   (low quality - 32kbps)

Birch Book vol 1 mp3s:
'Leaf Patches...' (track 8)
'Sleepless Search'(track 9)